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  • Dear community,

    Today at 05:00 am [romania hour] I will make an update where:

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    Poti alege daca fereastra de plusare iteme se inchide la fiecare plus sau ramane deschisa (pentru plusare mai rapida).
    Filtru de pickup pentru carti, pietre, upgradeuri, toate 3, arme/armuri sau dezactivare filtru ( din esc > optiuni joc )
    Filtrul de pickup ramane salvat si dupa teleportare.
    Fix pentru problemele in care nu aparea bosul la zodiac dupa ce bateai mobii
    Mai multe puncte de respawn la war, fara acea zona in care te dadea mereu si se creea acea gramada.
    La switch am tradus titlul sugestiilor si pentru straini.
    Poti adauga cu 60 mai multi jucatori in breasla ta. (132 max total cand breasla are nivel maxim)
    Cufar antrenament se dropeaza si in hartile beta la metine.
    Cartile insotitor pentru evoluarea petului dropeaza si la alti bosi precum sd3, azrael,inger cu coasa, yonghan.

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    You can choose if refine window closes at every upgrade or stays open (for faster +).
    Pickup filter for books, stones, upgrades, all 3, weapons/armoors or disable filter (esc > game options)
    The pickup filter remains saved after teleportation.
    Fix for the problems in which the zodiac boss did not appear after you killed all the mobs
    Extra respawn poins to the war, fixed that problem where you always spawned almost all the time at the same point.
    At switch I translated the suggestion area in english
    You can add 60 more players in your guild. (132 max total when the guild has the maximum level)
    Training chest drops in beta maps at stones.
    The pet books for evolution drops now also at sd3 boss, azrael, reaper, yonghan.

    email: [email protected]
    Ingamename [GA]Klaus
  • Dear community,

    Today at 06:00 am [romania hour] i will make an update with:

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    Acum poti modifica shop-ul tau sau sa cumperi iteme din search shop de pe orice canal si orice harta.
    Optimizari pentru baza de date
    Rezolvare la damage hack pe arc, rezolvare pentru atacare multiple metine de la distanta (damage hack cu distanta) si rezolvare pentru auto farm hack. In general, nu mai sunt hackuri ce pot fi folosite si rezolvarile sunt permanente.
    Am rezolvat aproape complet problema in care jocul merge mai greu cand muti mouse pe iteme.

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    Now you can edit your shop or buy items from the search shop from any channel and from any map.
    Database optimizations
    Fix for damage hack with bow, Fix for multiple stone kill (damage hack with distance) and fix for auto farm hack. There are no other hacks that can be used anymore, and the fixes are permanent.
    I have solved almost all of the fps lose issue when moving the mouse on some items.

    You must run the patcher.

    email: [email protected]
    Ingamename [GA]Klaus
  • Dear players,

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    Astăzi, la evenimentul cu broaște, jucătorii vor fi împărțiți în 2 hărți. Teleportarea va fi aleatorie. Ambele hărți arată la fel, motivul este împărțirea jucătorilor pentru a evita laggul.
    Trebuie să rulați patcherul.

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    Today, at the frog event, the players will be divided into 2 maps. Teleportation will be random. Both maps look the same, the reason is to divide the players to avoid the lagg.
    You have to run the patcher.

    email: [email protected]
    Ingamename [GA]Klaus
  • Dear players,

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    1. Am introdus regatul galben. La fel ca restul are locuri de farm.
    2. Cufarul antrenament si pietrele dropeaza si la metinele din Nephrite.
    3. Nu mai poti dropa pietre si carti in hartile de level mic daca tu esti level mare.
    4. La search shop apar de la cele mai ieftine la cele mai scumpe iteme (ca si ordine).
    5. Un range mai mare la adunatul itemelor de pe jos (Tasta Z si Pet pickup).
    6. Lemuresul dropeaza cate 5 bucati upgrade fiecare, vechi fiind cate 3.
    7. Am introdus la loc si harta Padurea Fermecata de nivel 105, lemures se afla si in aceasta.
    8. Alte optimizari pentru joc.

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    1. I have implemented the yellow kingdom. Like the rest, it has farm places.
    2. The training chests and the stones drop at the Nephrite metins too.
    3. You can't drop stones and books in low level maps if you are high level.
    4. The search shop shows the items with the cheapest price to the most expensive ones(order).
    5. A bigger range in collecting items on the floor (Z key and Pet pickup).
    6. Lemures drops 5x upgrades, old was 3x.
    7. I have reimplemented the 105 forest, lemures is there too.
    8. Other optimizations for the game.

    email: [email protected]
    Ingamename [GA]Klaus
  • Dear players,

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    Am adaugat un mini patch in care acum in fereastra de search shop apar bucatile si pretul itemului direct din interfata. Daca muti click pe item inca poti vedea si acolo pretul si cantitatea.

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    I added a mini patch in which the amount and the price of the item appear directly from the interface in the search shop window now. If you move the mouse on the item you can still see the price and quantity from there too.

    email: [email protected]
    Ingamename [GA]Klaus
  • Dear players,

    1. I added an option to refine alchemy automatically (for class). Video:
    2. You will stay on mount if you trade now (as you know, on older version when you opened trade you got unmounted)
    3. I've solved the problem that when you move an item on a player the trade window didn't opened.
    4. At booksday event if you move for example 20 books on MrSoon, you will receive 20 random books.
    5. The slots bar from right window no longer blocks the game options button + I added numbers from f5 to f8 and from 5 to 8.
    6. Sun / Moon (L) elixirs contain x3 more mana / hp.
    7. You can remove time from the biologist and by clicking directly on the biologist flower.
    8. At the teleport to friends button, the waiting time will only be set if you have teleported.
    9. Pet books now go up in the special inventory, and you still have them in the normal inventory, you will not be able to move them into another normal inventory slots, you'll need to drag them into the special inventory to books category.
    10. I made a timer in which chat will give information about the game. (I will choose from the questions I get in the game during the day and I will constantly update the list)
    11. The monsters disappear more quickly after being killed.
    12. I added to the general store marble pieces x 100.
    13. At the personal search shop, it was comfortable to show the price from the min to the max, but some people started to put too low prices (so sad) so we gave up this idea, but we changed the following way:

    - It does not show from small to big, but random.
    - You can write the maximum number of pieces and show you all items up to and including that number.
    - You can write the maximum value of yang and show you everything up to and including that value.

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    Am adaugat optiune sa rafinezi alchimia automat ( pentru clasa ). Video:
    Ramai urcat pe mount atunci cand faci negot ( te dadea jos )
    Am rezolvat problema in care atunci cand mutai un item pe un player fereastra nu se deschidea.
    La booksday daca muti spre exemplu 20 de carti vei primi tot 20 bucati, dar de alt tip, random.
    Bara din dreapta (sloturile) nu mai blocheaza butonul de optiuni joc + i-am adaugat numere de la f5 la f8 si de la 5 la 8.
    Elixirele Soarelui / Lunii (L) contin de x3 mai multa mana/hp.
    Poti elimina timpu la biolog si dand direct click pe floare biolog
    La butonul de teleportare timpul de asteptare se va pune numai daca te-ai teleportat.
    Cartile de pet se urca acum in inventarul special, cei care le aveti inca in inventarul normal nu le veti putea muta in sloturile inventarului normal, va trebui sa le trageti in inventarul special categoria Carti.
    Am facut un timer in care pe chat se vor da informatii legate de joc. ( voi pune raspunsuri pe baza intrebarilor pe care le primesc in joc pe parcursul zilei si voi actualiza constant lista)
    Monstrii dispar mai rapid dupa ce sunt omorati.
    Am adaugat la magazin general si marmura de bucati x 100.
    La search shop personal imi era confortabil sa apara pretul de la mic la mare, sunt oameni care au inceput sa puna preturi prea mici (neseriosi) asa ca am renuntat la ideea asta, in schimb am modificat in felu urmator:

    - Nu mai arata de la mic la mare, ci aleatoriu.
    - Poti scrie numarul de bucati maxim si iti va arata toate itemele pana si inclusiv la acel numar.
    - Poti scrie valoarea maxima de yang si iti va arata totul pana si inclusiv acea valoare.

    email: [email protected]
    Ingamename [GA]Klaus
  • Dear players,

    There has recently been a crack in the seal that keeps the monsters in the lower world coming to the calliope world. The owl race plans to dominate the race of humans and demi-humans, and the only ones who can stop this are the strongest fighters of the yellow, red, and blue kingdoms.
    The owls live in a natural and lively landscape. They are intelligent creatures of various ranks, even having a very strong leader.

    To get into the map you need level 115, and a fully equipped set for the toughest attacks.

    The Leader of the Owls is well protected in his territory and can not be killed, because deep down in the ground its the crack and from there he takes his powers, but with a quest item the energy of the seal can be used to throw the leader and the fighter into a ring map, where the fighter can try to beat him. The owls drops magical material and with 200 pieces at Blacksmith + a tax of 2 billion yang he can give you the Key of the Roots. [The key is the object with which you get into the ring. Disappears after first use]

    Once the owl leader is killed, it will take time for the world's worst demons to resurrect and send him back to continue his plans. However, at each win you can get useful items to create new helmets and get skin for weapons.

    Wait time: No.
    Required level: 115
    Bonus Required: Animals

    Dropped items:
    Two new helmets with body block (like those of 60) + average hit damage, and another model body block + skill damage.
    Weapon skins for use in transmutation with dark green appearance. Picture
    Upgrade objects to raise helmets.

    Teleport Ring, last page.

    Red Dragon
    The boss from Christmas map

    Are now dropping weapons for transmutation.

    Informatii despre Harta Bufnitelor si noile iteme

    Informations about the Owl's Map and the new items

    Winter event
    Informatii despre Evenimentul de Crăciun 12.12.2018
    Informations about Christmas Event 12.12.2018

    email: [email protected]
    Ingamename [GA]Klaus
  • Dear players,

    This update focuses more on bug fixes, interface adjustments and to make things look better.

    1. I changed the visible costume button in a small green image.
    2. I changed the look of the shop editing panel and made it easier to use.
    3. I improved fps stability and one new optimization method when interacting with many monsters etc.
    4. You can buy items from search shop from anywhere.
    5. You can edit your shop from anywhere
    6. The image from login was changed, and loading screens received a small change.
    7. You can open/close the search shop with f11, F9 change equipment, K edit shop.
    8. Now when you press ESC, the channel change window closes.
    9. The bank button has been moved to inventory shortcuts. At shortcuts when pressing ESC now closes, if you press multiple times on shortcuts, won't open more windows.
    10. A correction at boss time pannel for other languages.
    11. I added also Czech language.
    12. Createcharacter/Selectcharacter pages now shows background image according to your kingdom.
    13. You can see lycan logo at create/select character pages.
    14. Extra download pages for client (mega and google)
    15. When you use the stack button on special storage, now it also arranges all the objects.
    16. When a quest will show you an item you will see it on all languages. When you pick an item from the ground it's name will be in your client language too.

    + 03.01.2019: When you move screen wont freeze so often.

    Note: This changes are already available on game.

    Have fun!

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    Această actualizare se concentrează mai mult pe bug fix-uri, ajustari pentru interfata și pentru a face lucrurile să arate mai bine.

    1. Am schimbat butonul de vizibilitate costum într-o imagine mică verde.
    2. Am schimbat aspectul panoului de editare al magazinului și l-am făcut mai ușor de utilizat.
    3. Am îmbunătățit stabilitatea FPS și o nouă metodă de optimizare atunci când interacționezi cu mulți monștri etc.
    4. Puteți cumpăra iteme din search shop de oriunde.
    5. Vă puteți edita magazinul de oriunde.
    6. Imaginea de la login a fost schimbată, iar imaginile de la loading au primit o mică schimbare.
    7. Puteți deschide/închide search shop-ul cu F11, Schimbare echipament cu F9, iar cu K editarea shopului.
    8. Acum când apăsați ESC, fereastra de schimbare se inchide acum.
    9. Butonul pentru banca a fost mutat în la scurtaturi inventar. Pagina de scurtaturi se inchide acum la ESC, dacă apăsați de mai multe ori pe scurtaturi, nu se vor mai deschide mai multe ferestre.
    10. O corecție la panoul de timp bosi pentru alte limbi.
    11. Am adăugat și limba cehă.
    12. La paginile Creare caracter si Selectare caracter imaginea de fundal este setata dupa regatul vostru.
    13. Puteți vedea logo-ul Lycan la crearea / selectarea caracterului.
    14. Optiuni suplimentare pentru descărcarea clientului (mega și google)
    15. Când utilizați butonul de stacare in inventarul special, acum se aranjează și toate obiectele.
    16. Când o misiune îți va arăta un item, se va vedea în toate limbile (in functie de limba ta). Când se ridica un item de pe jos, numele acestuia va fi in functie de ce limba ai la client.

    + 03.01.2019: Atunci cand te misti ecranul nu mai ingheata asa des.

    Notă: aceste modificări sunt deja disponibile în joc.

    Distractie placuta!

    email: [email protected]
    Ingamename [GA]Klaus
  • New

    Dear players,

    Today, January 12, 2019, we have a patch update of about 800 mb that will update game textures and resolve fps drops. If you have trouble updating through the patcher you can download the completely upgraded client from our website

    This update also speeds up loading of mobs and of players.

    Have fun!

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    Dragi jucători,

    Astăzi, Ianuarie 12, 2019, avem un patch update de 800 mb care va actualiza texturile jocului și va rezolva dropurile fps. Daca aveti probleme in a actualiza clientul prin patcher il puteti descarca complet actualizat de pe site-ul nostru

    Aceasta actualizare face de asemenea ca incarcatul mobilor si al jucatorilor sa se desfasoare mult mai rapid.


    email: [email protected]
    Ingamename [GA]Klaus